Full-Service Supreme Court Printing and Preparation of Briefs

Comprehensive Supreme Court Filings

The Supreme Court Press is a turnkey, full-service document preparation service for petitioners for a Writs of Certiorari, Amicus Curiae briefs, and all your other filings to the United States Supreme Court. While lovely printed documents will never win your case, improperly prepared documents can certainly lose one! We take care of all your Supreme Court printing needs to free up your time to craft the winning legal arguments.

Exacting Document Preparation

The Supreme Court has precise rules on how a petition for a Writ of Certiorari, Amicus Curiae brief, and other filings must be formatted. There are requirements on fonts, spacing, word-counts, paper, binding, the color of the cover, and affidavits. A document that fails to meet these standards may be deemed deficient and rejected. Our professionals can assist you in following these rules and ensuring that your document is accepted by the Court.

Precision Proofreading

The preparation of a Writ of Certiorari, Amicus Curiae brief, or other Supreme Court brief is an intense and immersive process. When your head is deep down into the details, sometimes it is easy to overlook a simple typo. The Supreme Court Press conducts an independent proofreading of your document and alerts you to potential errors in your document. The Supreme Court press does not provide legal advice, but can make common sense suggestions based upon the content of your text.

High Quality Printing

The Supreme Court Press uses the latest digital printing press technology to produce high-clarity, crisp documents on quality paper stock. These documents feel professional to the touch and should engender a positive emotion from the justices and clerks reviewing them.

Filing and Service

With our filing service, the Supreme Court Press does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that the requisite 40 copies of a brief are mailed the court, along with the required filing fees and affidavits. We also serve your opposition and provide copies for your records. NOTE: THE SUPREME COURT PRESS DOES NOT CALCULATE FILING DEADLINES. THE CLIENT IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MEETING THE FILING DEADLINE.

Consultative Approach

We offer a high-touch service and you can call us at any time to discuss your document. If you have questions about what to include in your appendix, the order of sections, or how to manage your footnotes and citations, we will be glad to help.